"My advice is to go into something and stay with it until you like it. You can't like it until you obtain expertise in that work. And once you are an expert, it's a pleasure." ~ Milton Garland

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What is a Fascinating Woman?

“What is a Fascinating Woman?”
“Is she the coy coquette who charms men with cute clichés?  Is she the stunning sophisticate of the fashion magazines and charm schools?  Or, is she the sensuous woman, who in her own clever way, manipulates her man into satisfying her whims and fancies?  Is she the intellectual achieve who has made her mark in the world, or the competent, independent woman, well able to make her own way in life?  Or, is she the self-sacrificing wife, devoted to making her husband happy at her own expense?  No, she is none of these images.
“She is a woman of angelic character, dedicated to high standards and values.  She is the perfect wife, understanding of her husband’s needs and sensitive to his feelings.  She is not consumed in remaking him into the man he ought to be, but accepts him for the man he is, overlooking his human frailties and focusing on his better side.
“Although she is submissive and giving, she does not allow herself to be trampled on or abused.  She is not a doormat, a servant, and a slave.  Part of being a true woman, she inherently knows, is to retain her feeling of self-respect, an awareness that she is a person of great worth, deserving of proper treatment.  Such a regard for herself helps her maintain a queenly attitude which commands respect.
“She is proud to be a woman and does all she can to magnify her femininity, not by an outer showing of softness, but by a total personification of womanliness.  This includes an outer femininity of appearance and manner and an inner femininity of attitudes and goals.  Because she is truly a feminine woman, she has a charm that knows no age.
“She is a free soul, free to choose her life and what it will be.  If she marries she chooses life in that direction.  Although she devotes most of her time to her family she does not feel trapped in the household.  She gives willingly and wholeheartedly, prompted by a tender love and concern for her family.  She accepts her work as a sacred trust of worldwide importance.  Her career is a career in the home, her glory the esteem of her husband and the happiness of her children.  Because of this “her yoke is easy and her burden light.”  This makes her free. [Emphasis Original]
“Her charms are not cleverness or sophistication, but freshness, wholesomeness, and inner happiness.  She is innocent and trustful with the playfulness of a child.  On her face is a sort of bloom which comes from being loved and adored by her husband.  Only a woman so loved can be truly fascinating.”

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